England’s Dark Dreaming, 2nd Edition - by Paul Watson

England’s Dark Dreaming, 2nd Edition - by Paul Watson


England’s Dark Dreaming was originally published in 2018 in a limited printrun of 250 copies which have long sold-out. This new Second Edition of England’s Dark Dreaming has just been published in February 2021.


ISBN: 978-0-9934736-2-3
Pages: 82
Format: Paperback
Price: £14.99 exc. shipping
Size: 297mm × 210mm (approx. 11.69ʺ × 8.27ʺ)
24 drawings
Foreword by David Southwell


England’s Dark Dreaming, Paul Watson's second book of artwork, is a series of twenty-four large-scale charcoal drawings created by the artist between 2016 and 2018. They draw on folkloric elements such as the May Queen and the Green Man to present a disturbing dreamscape of contemporary England in a state of political turmoil.


"Essential for everyone thinking about Deep England, myth, folklore and national identity right now."
- Melissa Harrison, author of All Among the Barley

"To speak of a work of profound magnitude, in mundane terms does it a disservice. I want to be honest about what this book evokes for me: my deep connection to this work, is as a talismanic book, a magical tome. Paul Watson is a master and I cannot wait to explore what he conjures next."
- John Harrigan, Director of Armageddon Gospels

"A heartfelt statement of the old mongrel soul of Albion against the shallow fascism of Deep England: I can’t praise England’s Dark Dreaming enough."
- Ian 'Cat' Vincent, writer at the Fortean Times and the Daily Grail

"An excellent and thought provoking series of highly skilled and original drawings rounded off with a polemical essay. Recommend it without reservation 5 stars."
- Nick Brown, author of the Skendleby/Ancient Gramarye series of books

"Its half-light commentary moves past revivalist folk-horror to face contemporary perversions of notions of pride, peoplehood, and place."
- Fiddler’s Green, Volume 2, Number 2


UK/Channel Islands: £2.39
Europe: £5.25
USA: £8.30
Australia/New Zealand: £9.85
Rest of World: £8.00

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